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Year Events and Establishment of Courses
1966-1967 B.Sc. Mathmetics,  B.A. Economics
1967-1968 B.Sc. Physics, B.Sc. Chemistry
1968-1969 B.Sc  Zoology,  B.Sc Geography
1969-1970 B. Com.,  B.Sc.  Botany, B.A. English Literature
1970-1971 B.A. History,  M.A History, M.A  English Literature
1971-1972 B.A.  Tamil Literature,  M. Com
1972-1973 Completed main building  second floor  with expenditure of 4.58 lakhs
1978-1979 M.Sc Mathmetics
1979-1980 B. Com. Tamil Medium 4 Coy 2 (TN) BN   NCC  Company  with 75 Cadets
1980-1981 B.Sc.  Statistics
1982-1983 Affiliated to Bharathidasan University
1987-1988 Ph.D.  Commerce,  Ph.D  History
1989-1990 Semester Pattern
1990-1991 Silver Jubilee
1993-1994 B.Sc. Computer Science
1994-1995 M.A  Applied Economics
1995-1996 M. Phil. Statistics(Part Time, Full time),  Ph.D  Statistics
1995-1996 M.Sc.Statistics, M.Sc.Applied Physics, P.G. Diploma in Fishery Science
1997-1998 Ph.D   Zoology B. Com.  Vocational (Advertisement, Sales and Sales Management)
1998-1999 Conferred Autonomy
1999-2000 P.G Diploma in Computer Applications
2003-2004 M.Sc  in Botany, Computer Science, Zoology, Geography, Chemistry, M.A in Information and  public relations, Tamil Literature,P.G. Diploma in Human Rights,B.Sc. Visual Communications,  M.Sc  Photonics (UGC grant)
2005-2006 Ph.D Economics(Full Time) Introduction of Choice Based Credit System
2006-2007 M. Phil. Mathematics(Part Time, Full Time) , Ph.D. in Mathematics (Part Time, Full Time) ,Accredited by NAAC
2007-2008 II Shift  U.G Courses in Tamil, English, Computer Science, Commerce and Chemistry
2008-2009 Ph.D Geography(Part Time), Ph.D Botany(Part Time)
2009-2010 M. Phil. Chemistry(Part Time, Full Time), Ph.D.Chemistry(Part Time, Full Time)
2013-2014 M.Phil. Computer Science(Part Time), Ph.D Computer Science(Part Time)
2014-2015 Golden Jubliee
2015-2016 M.Phil Economics(Part Time, Full Time), M.Phil Geography(Part Time, Full Time)
2017-2018 B.C.A., M.Sc.Vis.Com.,Ph.D Vis.Com.(Part Time, Full Time), M.Phil Physics(Part Time, Full Time), M.Phil Computer Science(Full Time)