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4 COY 2 (TN) BN

Army Wing

National Cadet Corps is a systemized organization dedicated to train the youth of the nation and to create a human resource of organized, specialized and trained manpower to provide lead-ership in all walks of life. For achieving this, it is necessary to develop the fine qualities of character, comradeship, discipline, leadership, a spirit of tolerance and adventure, sports¬manship and readiness for selfless service in our young men.

The motto of NCC is “UNITY AND DISCIPLINE”. Unity implies our basic oneness, the brotherhood of all the Indian people regardless of their caste, colour or creed. Likewise “Discipline” is the very bedrock on which any growing nation is founded. It is for the reasons that “Unity and Discipline” has been adopted as motto of the NCC.

The 4 Coy, 2 (TN) BN, Periyar EVR College NCC Company started in 1979 with the company strength of 75 cadets and then it extended with the strength of 100 cadets in 1995. The company adopted the female cadets to strengthen its wings in 2004. Now, the company is functioning with 57 cadets in Senior Division and 43 cadets in Senior Wing, with the total of 100 dynamic and energetic cadets. Of these 100 cadets nearly forty five percent are female cadets.

Periyar EVR College NCC Army Wing accentuates in developing qualities of character, courage, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and sportsmanship and the ideals of selfless service among the youth to make them useful citizens. Also, it creates human resource of organized, trained and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life, including Armed Forces and be always available for the service of the nation.

Beyond the regular drill, various subjects such as Military History , History of NCC and its importance in developing a "Brave New India", First Aid, Self Defence, Fire Fighting, Field Craft, Map Reading, Judging Distance, Civil Defence, Organization and Administration of NCC and the Principles & usage of Arms are special subjects taught to the cadets. Every year nearly 37 regular camps are conducted to train the cadets in various skills.

The regular Training Camps include the following programmes:

  • Combined Annual Camp
  • Advanced Leadership Camp
  • Basic Leadership Camp
  • National Integration Camp
  • Republic Day Camp
  • Army Attached Camp
  • Nation Building Camp
  • Weapon Training
  • Human Recourse Development
  • Social Service
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Adventure Activities
  • Environment and Ecology

By the conduct of several screening camps in various parts of Tamil Nadu, the toppers are allowed to participate on the prestigious Republic Day Parade at New Delhi and also in Tal Sainik Camps. Every year around 2 to 3 cadets are participating in the prestigious Republic Day Parade, bagging with prizes and bringing laurels to our college.

Major Milestones are:
  • 25 of our cadets joined in Indian Army
  • Cadets attended Republic Day Parade are :
    • M.Mathiyalagan, Department of Chemistry in 2011
    • S. Dhiravidamani, Department of Commerce in2015
    • T. Arunpandian, Department of Visual Communication in 2016
    • B. Mani , Department of Geography in 2017
    • R. Vanitha, Department of Maths in 2017
    • P. Kavitha, Department of Chemistry in 2017

  • Cadets attended Mavlenkar Firing Camp at Delhi are :
    • S.Saranya, Department of Physics - GOLD Medalist
    • S.Suriya, Department of Comp.Science
    • K.Priyadharshini, Department of Comp.Science
    • K. Subbalakshmi, Department of English

  • Cadet M.Meena and S.Meena secured the first two places of 10 Km Dr.Rajasekaran Memorial Glaucoma Awareness Marathan.