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Periyar E.V.Ramasamy

Ripened with service!

Silvery beard reaches the thorax!

The world venerates the ideologies!

In the depth of heart reformistic instinct rises!

A quintessential thinker of the twentieth century. An Erode Beacon toiled to completely eradicate superstitious beliefs. An ardent freedom fighter of India. He was born on 17.09.1879 in Erode to a wealthy merchant Venkatappa Naicker and Chinnathayi Ammai.A great personality having realised the crucialness of social freedom rather than political freedom, altered the course of his agitation and worked laboriously to establish social justice.He condemned the use of God and religion as a mask to deceive innocent people.He advocated strongly for reservation in education and government jobs, thereby substantiated the words of the classical poet Thiruvaaluvar who said , “all men are equal”.

He fought against untouchability in Vaikom in Kerala and earned the title “Vaikom Hero”. He insisted on women’s education so as to bring women’s rights into effect. He inspired people to make decision by adopting rationalist outlook. Though born in an affluent family, he lived a simple life and donated almost all his wealth he had acquired until then from public life to the cause of social work. He lived with high principles such as disciplines, probity, thrift, integrity, unflinching courage to utter the truth and punctuality. He was responsible for bringing about new changes to Tamil alphabet. He encouraged and supported inter-caste marriages to eradicate casteism. No soil is left untrodden by him in the length and breadth of Tamil Nadu to wage a relentless battle against the prevailing evils fill the very end of his life for the blossoming of rationalism and the flourishing of self-respect . He passed away on 24.12.1973.

Thus this meritorious institution was founded from the magnanimous donation of such a prophet of the new age, the hard-headed rationalist.