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Research at PEVRC

The major goals of the research are

  • Igniting innovative thinking .
  • Developing creativity.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of science

College Research Committee

Chairperson : Principal


  • 1. Dr. S.R. Vasuki, Associate Professor of Zoology.
  • 2. Dr.Megala, Associate Professor of Commerce.
  • 3. Dr.K. Vasudevan, Associate Professor of Tamil.

Departmental Research Committee (DRC)

The Department Research Committees are constituted for the effective coordination of the Ph.D. and M.Phil. Research activities including selection and admission of Research scholars, constitution of Doctoral Committees and to uphold of the quality of research.The DRCs consist of Chairperson and members. Heads of the respective Department the as chairperson, if he/she is an approved Research guide and the other approved Research guides of the same Department as members